Endorsements for James Terry for Hernando County Sheriff in 2020

I confidently recommend James Terry for the position of Hernando County Sheriff.

 In my years working with James I found him to be honest, trustworthy and dedicated to serving the citizens of Hernando County. James has a commitment to accountability in government and will promote an atmosphere of openness in the area of Sheriff’s Office finances.

 His experience, knowledge and effective leadership skills make him an ideal candidate for this position. Please join me in supporting James Terry for the office of Hernando County Sheriff. 

                                     Major Alan Arick, Retired               

                                     Hernando County Sheriff’s Office

18 July, 2018

Captain Marc Rivenbark (Retired)

10266 NCR 4405

Stigler OK 74462

H.C.S.O 1982-2008

                             I am endorsing James Terry for the office of Sheriff of Hernando County. I came to know James in 1997 as a new deputy at the sheriff’s office that was assigned to the patrol squad I was supervising. James was eager to learn and exhibited excellent initiative. James learned quickly that being a Public Servant  was more than arrest statistics and citations. Until My retirement in 2008, I observed James grow as a law enforcement officer as well as a man. James is honest, intelligent, and loves Hernando  County. James has had 20 years with the Sheriff’s Office, as well as an excellent education. He possesses the administrative experience and common sense needed to serve Hernando County. James knows well the importance of a positive work atmosphere for the men and women of the agency.